How do I submit my application?

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How to submit your application

After the crucial step of choosing your university based on the program you are interested in, it’s time to submit your application form. Yes, the time has come ! The project of coming to study in Montreal is becoming real.

For this phase, some steps must be followed if you want to put all the chances on your side. From one university to another, the process may differ in some details, but in general many similarities remain. We tried to group them in 3 points:

1- Examine the eligibility requirements for the chosen program(s) and check on the selected university’s website to make sure you meet the criteria.

In most universities, applications are made online, which is an advantage for all applicants outside Canada because the access to information is faster. However, some distinctions are made on a case by case basis.

– Required documents may vary depending on the place from which previous studies and diplomas come from, and on the nationality of the student. For example: France and Quebec have agreements that allow French students to be exempted from higher tuition fees.

Depending on your status as an undergraduate or graduate student and the length of your studies, the necessary documents may vary, as well as the possibility receiving of a temporary or permanent residence permit. By browsing the section dedicated to admissions on the university’s website, it is easy to identify what corresponds to your situation.

OVT recommendations and errors to avoid:
Do not rush without meticulous preparation, as this may result in documents being forgotten. The trick is to use a checklist and check off when each document is ready.

2- Keep the timing in mind while preparing your documents

Time is precious for every project, but especially for the project of studying in a foreign country. It is absolutely necessary to estimate the duration that the various steps will take. On top of the application deadline, you have to keep in mind the time that some documents will require in order to be issued by certain institutions. For example : the demands for degree equivalency (with certain diplomas requiring translation), the acquisition of the certificate of acceptation in Quebec (CAQ) and the study permit.

OVT recommendations and errors to avoid:
You must not do everything last minute, thinking you have time. You must keep the submission dates in mind and gather the required elements before these dates.

3- Submit your documents, follow up on the application and prepare for the rest

Once all the documents have been gathered, you can submit them online and pay the admission fee. Generally the continuation of the exchanges continues in an electronic way. Some websites such as the University of Montreal allow the creation of a personalized profile and you can follow the evolution of the demand by logging in. In other cases, the processing time of the documents is indicated on one of the tab of the university’s website, as is the case for UQAM.

OVT recommendations and errors to avoid

Getting impatient and losing hope when the responses are slow. The trick is to keep a positive outlook and anticipate for the upcoming tests if there are any. It is also interesting to learn more about other important aspects of this travel project (university life, Montreal culture, etc) without, however, rushing into expenses (purchase of plane tickets or others).

The One Vision Tour asset and expertise
These stages can start to seem endless and sometimes the need to have a compass to advance is quickly felt. This compass, this roadmapping assistant that will help you move forward serenely and focus on other elements of your visit to Montreal is us 🙂

One Vision Tour offers you:

  • A personalized approach with  exchanges to identify what suits you most
  • Strong availability thanks to our experienced advisors
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