How much does studying in Quebec cost?

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Before coming to study in Quebec, it is very important to know about tuition fees.

This article aims to inform the future international student on the tuition fees at each level of post-secondary education, ie CEGEP, undergraduate and graduate studies.

Keep in mind that all amounts mentioned in the article are in Canadian dollars.

1. General information

The Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) costs $110.

Note that in order to obtain the CAQ, the student must provide proof that he or she has the necessary funds for not only the studies (approximately $15,000) but also the living expenses (approximately $12,000).

If you have a scholarship that covers the cost of your studies, only the possession living expenses proof will have to be shown.

Please note that tuition fees can be paid in installments.

On top your study permit, you may need a tourist visa ($150). Contact your school to find out if this is the case.

2. College level (CEGEP)

All applications for admission to Montreal CEGEPs are managed by the SRAM (Regional Admission Service of Metropolitan Montreal).

The SRAM application fee is $85.

The CEGEP registration fee is payable at the beginning of each term and is approximately $300.

Tuition fees at the college level vary depending on the program chosen, but generally range from $12,000 to $19,000 per year for international students.

Please note that these amounts do not include the costs of mandatory equipment (textbooks, calculator, lab coat, equipment) that vary greatly by program.

3. University level

Tuition fees for international undergraduate and graduate students are approximately $15,000 to $20,000 per year.

A doctorate (postgraduate) usually costs $5,000 a year.

As an indication, you can use these two calculation tools: the Uqam one,and the McGill one. They calculate the approximative cost of a school semester, whether for a certificate, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate.

4. Candidates holding a French passport

Due to an agreement between the Government of Quebec and France, French students enjoy certain privileges.

At CEGEP, they pay no tuition fees.

For undergraduate studies, the French pay the same amount as Canadian students, about $7000 to $8000 per year.

And for graduate studies, they pay the same amount as Quebec residents.

5. Additional information

Please note that on top of these expenses, there’s also secondary expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment.

If you have questions about tuition fees, our counselors are always available to answer them.

Written by Mona Bergeron
Posted on Friday March 30th 2018

Sources :

the SRAM website

the « ministère de l’immigration, de la diversité et de l’inclusion du Québec » website

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