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Once upon a time … international students. In this trip, there is not only one story, there are many. Different experiences, ambitions that are not alike and yet one thing in common: this desire to succeed in his studies in Quebec. Once or twice a month, I invite you to discover an international student through 5 questions. Interviews that will help you can be clearer and if not, give you at least an idea of what you want to get started with 🙂

To start this beautiful series, let’s board with Tatiana Avissoudo, native Beninese who after her baccalaureate in Senegal landed in Canada. Today in office as a socio-economic officer, she is completing a master’s degree in financial engineering at HEC Montréal, after a stint at UQAM from September 2011 to April 2014.


One Vision Tour: What would you have liked to know before coming to study in Montreal?

Tatiana Avissoudo: My case is special because I already had someone there, my big brother. I am one of those who already had a lot of information about Montreal life even if we can not know everything.

OVT: Exactly what experience made you say: “If I had known …” and what did you learn from that?

T.A: I must say that at the beginning, my experience with public transport really marked me. I lost myself one time in winter without a phone or a way to find myself. Fortunately I was able to count on the kindness of a taxi driver. What I learned from that is: “Never without my phone loaded, my GPS and the internet connection that goes with it.

OVT: What do you remember as the most positive memory in your student journey?

T.A: The mentality of the teachers. They are very encouraging and very available. I really felt accompanied. I would say that one should not hesitate to go to them and gather the maximum of information as well on the studies as the professional perspectives. This can only be for the benefit of the student.

OVT: As an international student, associative life is also important because it allows you to meet other international students. What were your most memorable experiences?

T.A: My experience for Miss Afrique Montréal and the experience for the play “Village Caché” at UQAM are the best I’ve ever experienced. I learned a lot from these 2 moments when I met beautiful people.

OVT: Finally, if you had any advice for future international students, what would you say to them?

TA: When you come to study in Montreal, you must have a clear idea of what you want to do and to be ambition. Even if sometimes, we can change courses during our studies as soon as we understand the system and we really want to succeed anything is possible.

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