Montreal elected best student city in the world!

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What a news! Montreal has been elected best city in the world for students by QS Best Student City Ranking. Indeed, Montreal has many advantages for international students. Not only it has affordable prices in terms of accommodation but it’s also a very lively city with a lot of free festivals during the summer and the winter.

Montreal is also well known for its diversity. Indeed, the number of international students currently living and studying in Montreal is growing year after year. And all these students have their own culture and heritage which contributes positively to the whole dynamic of the city.

Another crucial element that is important as a student is the quality of life. Montreal is a good mix between a big city and a town. There is a lot of parks, avenues are big and each neighboorhood has its own atmosphere will authentic little cofee place you can chill at all day. It does give you a good balance between student life and family life if you emigrate with your family.

The city is also well located. You can take a night bus and 5 hours later wake up in New York for a little trip. Or you can also visit Québec city which is approximatively a 2h30 drive from Montreal. And if you don’t have a car, car-sharing is popular here so you could use Amigo Express for exemple to find a ride for your destination!

I arrived in Montreal in 2013 and I have to say, I do not regret my choice! As well as having very high quality universities, it’s also a fun city to live in.

Plus, Montreal is celebrating its 375 anniversary! A lot of free activities will take place all around the city in which you can participate in and have fun. It’s something you do not want to miss out this summer 😉

Have a look at the article published by CBC on the election of Montreal has world’s best city for students and do not hesiate to contact us for more details about your future experience in the city!

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