Public transportation in Montreal

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Student (e) freshly arrived or in preparation to come live in Montreal, you ask yourself the question of your mobility and especially your wallet? This article is for you 🙂

If we mentioned the issue of punctuality concerning buses and also the question of driver’s license, we have not yet presented the different types of public transportation in Montreal. Here is a list of the most used means of transport:

The Bus

Bus stops are easy to spot thanks to bus shelters or signal poles. The mobile application Chrono or google map allows to know according to the point where one is which bus or which route the shortest one is possible to borrow. Access to the bus is $ 3.25. You have to have all the exact money because the bus driver does not make money.

To save money, the Opus card remains the best option, especially if you have to travel daily. Under presentation of the student card or a paper attesting the status of student, the card is 40% cheaper than the usual price.

The MĂ©tro or the Subway

Photo par Denis Labine

Several lines make up the Montréal metro. If at first you can seem to overwhelm, the habit and ease come quickly enough. Once again, always check his itinerary, look at the signs and look up in the subway. Access for a passage is $ 3.25. For a round trip $ 6.

It is possible to pay in cash at the counters or by credit / debit card on electronic machines placed near the crossing points.

Community automobiles

Common car or Car 2 Go to name those that allow to move cheaply by car. Rates are set via mobile apps and vary by distance.


Running on the meter, it is possible to pay in card or cash. This is usually one of the most expensive ways but in some situations it may be useful to use it. An amount of $ 3.45 must be provided as soon as the engine is running and then, depending on the distance, $ 70 per km traveled.

To see one, simply make a phone call to a taxi company or locate a pickup point with a sign indicating parking taxis.

The Uber

An individual, his car, a mobile application. These 3 combos make the magic of uber drivers and vehicles. Via the application, the customer follows the trajectories of the drivers to get to him. Generally less expensive than a taxi, this means of transport keeps the traceability of the service received.

The bikes of the city

Bixi bicycles are self-service in the city of Montreal and available 24/24 from April to November, ie when temperatures are milder. For students it will cost dollars per trip by registering on the Bixi platform and using the Opus card with photo.

6 means of public transport, here is a panoply of choices. All that remains is to organize according to the movements to be made.

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