The Cost of Living in Montreal in 5 Points

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Here at One vision Tour we often get questions regarding the cost of student life in Montreal.

On top of student fees, the Montreal student has many other fees to keep in mind. Here they are.

First, you have to plan your accommodation fees. They generally go as such :

Option A : Student residence

The accommodation fees vary depending on room type (solo, duo) and the chosen building.

For example, staying in the Université de Montréal residence costs between 4716$ and 8880$ per year.

Contrastingly, in the McGill residences, the cost of accommodation services vary between 4014$ and 12 580$ per year.

Option B : Apartment

If you prefer to live in an apartment off-campus, you can find an affordable place to stay on one of the websites listed here.

Little tip : generally, the further you get from downtown, the least expensive the rent will be.

But it is still very possible to find a nice place to live in near the universities.

A single room (in an apartment often shared with other students) will cost you approximately between 400$ and 600$ per month.

A small apartment for yourself (a 1 and 1/2) will cost you between 500$ and 1000$ per month.

2. Secondly, you need to plan some spendings for transport.

The Opus Card will allow you to travel anywhere on the Montreal bus and metro network.

The STM (Société de transport de Montréal) offers every full-time student a 40% discount on the Opus Card.

So instead of paying 83$ like the rest, a full-time student will pay only 49$ per month to use the bus and metro anytime they wish.

You can visit the STM website to find out when the Opus Card team comes by your school.

4. Then, you must plan your everyday and casual expenses.

We advise you to have at least 5000$ in the bank for one year worth of food. But of course this price can go up depending on your culinary habits.

To know which grocery stores are the least expensive in your area, you can read the Google Reviews of the different stores and compare the reviews.

Save some money on the side for restaurant, cinema, museum, concerts and other events that might interest you.

Tip : if you go to the movies on Tuesday, it’s less expensive 😉

4. Of course, the current era requires us to have a mobile phone. You’ll want to snapchat a poutine or instagram the Mount-Royal from time to time.

If you choose to opt for a Canadian phone plan, you should know that Canadian companies generally charge higher amounts than the majority of other countries.

Ideally, we advise you to keep your plan from your country or origin even when travelling to Canada.

But if you still decide to get a Canadian phone plan, this tool here will compare different prices to help you in your choice.

Here is also a list of the least expensive plans in Quebec.

With data, the minimum amount you can expect to pay for a mobile phone is 40$ per month.

A local particularity is the cold. Since winter in Montreal tends to be long and atrocious, you must keep a small budget aside for hot clothes.

Reserve a few hundred dollars for a good coat. If you can afford it, a Canada Goose is a safe and high quality option.

If you want to go for something that’s less of an investment, you won’t die of cold either.

You can shop in thrift stores or in low-price stores such as Winners or Walmart to find a great winter coat.

Don’t forget to also buy mittens, gloves, scarves and beanies.

If you have chosen to live in an apartment as opposed to a residence, chances are you will also have to spend a few hundred dollars annually to heat up the place.

So here is a brief summary of the living costs:
1. accommodation (residence or apartment) approximately 10 000$ per year
2. transportation (588$ opus card per year)
3. food (about 5000$ a year)
4. the phone (minimum 480$ per year for a plan with data)
5. the cold (about 500$)

You are now ready for the adventure !

Article written by Mona Bergeron

Published on Thursday april 26 2018

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