What to do if you don’t get accepted

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You have been rejected from the program you wanted to integrate, but don’t lose hope; it’s not the end of the world nor the end of your academic career. It’s only an obstacle that you will overcome. Here are all the options that One Vision Tour offers to help you get there :

1. Re-apply

It’s important to know that the number of applicants vary each year, and it is possible that your application, although satisfactory, was inferior to that of other candidates applying at the same time as you. Maybe you will have more chances by applying next semester or next year.

2. Choose a less sought-after program

If the programs you have selected are very popular, it might be a good idea to opt for less complicated options this time around. Remember to always apply for the most programs possible at one university (that number is generally 3). Ideally, the last choice on your list should be a program whose entry is accessible to all, that way you are assured to be accepted into at least one of your preferred programs.

3. Try other institutions

If you thought the university you have applied to was the only right choice for you, maybe it is time for an academic reorientation. Whatever it is that attracted to to this particular institution, you will find equally charming characteristics in other institutions to which you haven’t applied yet. Campus tours are a good occasion to get an idea of the other universities’ atmosphere.

4. Apply as a independent student

If you are already in Canada and are convinced that a program is made for you, but unfortunately haven’t been accepted into it, note that many universities offer the possibility to register as an independent student. You can take advantage of this opportunity to accumulate the credits required for entry into your preferred program, which will be based on university studies.

5. Talk to a professional

If you have doubts concerning the adequate approach or about your future, you can make an appointment with a One Vision Tour consultant who will be more than happy to give personalized recommendations and offer alternatives to your educational path. Don’t hesitate to contact them, they are there to help you and you will benefit from their experience.

And lastly, remember to keep your hopes up. Stay optimistic, and take advantage of the time you have ahead to contemplate your options and, hopefully, to plan your next admission request.

Written by : Mona Bergeron
Picture from : Freepik

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