Which academic documents are required for future students?

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There is a thought that should never leave the mind of the future student. Which one, might you ask? That’s an excellent question and the answer is : you have to carefully prepare your application for admission, to put all the chances on your side. That’s a sentence to repeat once a day during the preparation of this trip ☺

So after determining the desired university, it is time to gather the academic documents required to submit the application for admission. For foreign students, on the websites of universities, a special section titled “foreign students” or “international students” makes it easier to navigate.

If one were to classify the types of academic documents to be presented it would usually be in 3 groups for all cycles:

  • Diplomas or certificates obtained;
  • Official transcripts
  • Detailed plans of the courses or subjects studied.

So here are certains variants observed according to the chosen course:

  1. For International Students Intending Undergraduate Studies (License)

Obtaining the baccalaureate. Depending on the universities a minimum average is required (12/20 in several cases). The study of the subjects taught and grades obtained is sometimes a condition that can determine whether the candidate may be directly eligible for regular study programs or should integrate the preparatory year program to become eligible for regular study programs thereafter.

     2. For International Students Intending Graduate Studies (Master’s and PhD)

Possessing an undergraduate degree corresponding to the License in several French-speaking countries and called Baccalauréat in Quebec.

Be eligible for Master’s and Ph.D. According to the curriculum, it is compulsory most of the time to have obtained a certain degree, but this does not automatically determine eligibility.

Important element to check for the future student

In addition to the administrative facilities granted to French students, other facilitation agreements exist between Montreal universities and international students from certain African countries. For example The University of Montreal has a list of foreign countries with which procedures have been adapted. Being part of these countries makes it possible to see things more clearly and quickly, and to benefit from certain advantages (scholarships in particular). If your country doesn’t appear there, it should not discourage you either.

Whatever the case may be, the provided documents are subject to authentication checks including requests for equivalence. In addition, if the documents are not in English nor French, an official / certified translation may be required.

OVT recommendations and errors to avoid:

  • To better organize, print the list of documents to gather and go step by step.
  • Always correctly determine the situation that applies to your case because all universities and all cycles do not have the same requirements.

The One Vision Tour asset and expertise

When reading the various steps, the labyrinth aspect can quickly scare you away. Do not panic, we are here! We want you quickly in Montreal relaxed and only stressed by the courses (a little but not too much) so we offer :

  • A personalized approach with a step by step accompaniment and an identification of what corresponds to your choices
  • Proven availability thanks to our experienced advisors

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