The team

Leslie Mbimbi – Founder

since '92

One Vision Tour provides stress-free experiences for international students in Canada. Before working at the University of Québec as an international student advisor, I myself was an international student. Arriving in a new country without any point of reference or guidance is not only stressful but can lead to poor decision-making skills that often take a toll on your academic studies. I’ve created this company to help international students avoid this. A clear vision of your studies in Canada equals a transparent and bright future. Feel free to contact me at if you want to take your educational experience to the next level.

Téclaire Ekédi –  One Vision Tour advisor & web editor 

since '92


From blogger to writer for magazines and cultural web platforms, I spent 11 years in Dakar before leaving for Quebec. Having lived and studied in a foreign country to mine, I understand easily the importance of the support that One Vision Tour offers to future Montreal students. I will be there to guide you along your journey, in addition to giving you some tips in my blog articles.

Mona Bergeron – One Vision Tour Advisor and Web Editor

since '92 (2)


Currently, in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in communications and digital media, I am an avid reader and proficient writer. My love of languages and my interest in foreign cultures have led me to Europe for a semester abroad. Now back in Canada, I act as French tutor for students and I am also responsible for writing amazing articles about the student life in Canada

Josepha Bindzi – One vision Tour Marketing and communication manager

since '92 (3)

I’ve loved communication for so many years! I am really into everything that’s related to words and the way we use them. In my spare time , I am a journalist , an artrepreneur and I do spoken word but from now on  I have a new mission. I will be in charge of marketing and communication for One vision tour.

Vicky Lapointe – One Vision Tour Ambassador

since '92 (4)

During my first university years, I had the opportunity to learn a lot from the world we live in. Doing my degree in Business opened doors to international projects and in 2014, I took part in the National Model United Nations in New York where I learnt that it was essential for me to know more about different countries. Be audacious and take the opportunity that One Vision Tour offers you by learning more about your future environment and university life to make a judicious choice!